GSAmart offers a variety of thermometers for humidity measuring, temperature calibration and temperature measuring.

Extech Instruments Corp.

Recognized for the breadth and depth of its Test & Measurement offering and strong distribution network, Extech Instruments was acquired by FLIR Systems in November 2007. FLIR Systems has been the global leader in infrared thermal imaging.

Extech was the first to offer a Type K thermocouple input on its multimeters and clamp meters and the first to introduce handheld test and measurement products with a built in PC interface and datalogging capabilities. Their latest patented innovation combines built-in non-contact IR Temperature capabilities within key product categories. This innovation has earned several Product of the Year Design Awards for Extech.


Fluke offers the very latest non-contact infrared thermometers (sometimes known as IR thermometer or infrared pyrometer), laser thermometers, contact thermometers, probes and accessories, as well as expertise concerning a complete range of temperature applications. Handheld IR non-contact thermometers instantly measure surface temperatures in hard-to-reach or hazardous areas.

Fluke Calibration

Fluke Calibration precision digital thermometer readouts are designed specifically to measure temperature sensors for calibration. Because Fluke Calibration thermometer readouts are designed for thermometer calibration, they offer many advantages, especially accuracy and convenience. Fluke Calibration thermometer readouts include: Super-Thermometers; Black Stacks; Chub-E4; Tweeners; handheld readouts; and the DewK thermal-hygrometer for environmental monitoring.


TEGAM is internationally recognized for its offering of RF power sensor calibration systems and other test measurement and calibration instruments. In addition, TEGAM offers a variety of thermocouple thermometers, thermistor thermometers, temperature calibrators, and probes.