Water Purification

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GSAmart offers reliable water purifying systems for every‚ÄĘday or critical laboratory needs.

Siemens Water Technologies

Siemens Water Technologies is now Evoqua Water Technologies. It provides sustainable water treatment for Type I (Ultrapure) Laboratory Water Systems, Type II (Reagent Grade) Lab Water Systems, and Type III/IV (Primary Grade) Water Systems.

Type I Ultrapure Grade:

• The LABOSTAR ® TWF (tap water feed) system features a unique pretreatment module that produces RO quality water from a tap water feed source and then stored in an integrated 7 liter reservoir.

• The PURELAB ® Ultra water system is designed for most critical biological and analytical laboratory techniques and guarantees water purity to 18.2 megohm.

• The PURELAB ® Classic water polishing system handles laboratory needs from reagent preparation and glassware washing to sensitive analyses, produces 18.2 megohm purity water at a very affordable price.

Type II Reagent Grade:

• The PURELAB ® Option•R system is ideal for standard lab techniques and as pretreatment to ultrapure water polishing systems where TOC is a concern. It has the added benefit of an integral recirculation feature to deliver better than double distilled quality water from a potable water source.

Type III/IV Primary Grade:

• The PURELAB ® Prima 15 reverse osmosis water purification system is ideal for glassware washing and for pretreatment to water polishers. The PURELAB ® Prima 30 is designed to meet higher water volume requirements from a tap feed at flow rates up to 30 liters per hour.